Claim Issues

1. How do I make a claim?

You may submit your claims through the InstaProtection app.

Alternatively, you may submit them here:

2. When should I make a claim?

You should make a claim within 7 days of the event or as soon as possible.

3. How are claims paid out?

InstaProtection will pay for the repair directly, at an authorised service centre. You will not need to pay for the repair once you have received approval for your claim.

4. Are there any guidelines for making a claim?

InstaProtection made filing of claims as easy as possible.

Simply follow the steps provided in the InstaProtection app, or watch this video to learn how to file a claim.

5. How do I check my claim status?

You can check your claim status in the InstaProtection app.

6. How long does it take for my claim to be processed?

All our claims are processed instantly if your claim documents are filed correctly.Straightforward claims are approved immediately by our platform whereas complex claims might take anywhere between 3 to 14 working days for approval from the insurer.

7. Where are InstaProtection’s repair services done?

InstaProtection’s repairs are done by your brands’ Authorised Service Centres located across Singapore.

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