Hello, I’m Ippy!

Here to protect what you love in 90 seconds.

Your Pocket Guardian

Born in 2018, I have dedicated my life to protecting my citizens through InstaProtection’s easy and all-encompassing insurance solutions. With a simple download of our app, I sit comfortably in your pocket, protecting you from the dangers of the world, from mobile screen cracks to travel mishaps, and more.

Protecting You Anytime, Anywhere

I understand the busy lifestyles my citizens have, like juggling children’s schedules, looking after a parent, working on that side gig, or spending time on self-care. No one has time for complicated insurance policies. With InstaProtection, I make insurance easy, and I am here for you round the clock, whenever and wherever you want.

About InstaProtection

Founded in 2018, InstaProtection made our mark providing easy and comprehensive insurance solutions to the citizens of Malaysia. Since protecting our first customers, we have made great progress in building all-encompassing insurance plans that meet your personal needs.

Two years later, we are ready to announce our biggest market expansion ever. Beyond Malaysia, InstaProtection will now be serving citizens in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. From lifestyle insurance, we have grown to include household, automotive, and personal care plans.

We are happy to have gained your trust in helping you live a worry-free life, and will work to expand our regional footprint to protect you across borders.

Where You Can Find Me